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Simpsons Gap Bike Path

Bike Tracks
Distance: 17km Difficulty: Easy Easily accessible from Alice Springs, and meandering from Flynn’s Grave to Simpsons Gap through desert bushland, the Simpsons Gap Bike Path offers riders of all abilities a taste…


Bike Tracks
Distance: 15km  loop Difficulty: Easy Another quintessential Australian journey is a self-guided cycle journey around Uluru, Australia’s spiritual epicentre. Take your time to experience this sacred Aboriginal land, explore the incredible watering hole…

Kakadu National Park

Bike Tracks
Distance: 463km  loop Difficulty: Moderate The World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park, only three hours east of Darwin, is a place everybody should visit at least once in their lifetime. With thundering waterfalls, ancient rock…

Munda Biddi Trail

Bike Tracks
Distance: 1060km Difficulty: Moderate The Munda Biddi Trail stretches from just outside of Perth all the way to Albany in the state’s south west corner, it’s the world’s longest continuous bike path.. You can…

Mount Remarkable National Park

Bike Tracks
Distance: 7km Difficulty: Moderate The foothills of Mount Remarkable are a mountain biker’s dreamland and are littered with superb mountain bike trails. It’s difficult to describe riding Mount Remarkable without pointing to…

Mawson Trail

Bike Tracks
Distance: 900km Difficulty: Hard Stretching from the outskirts of Adelaide to Blinman in the Flinders Rangers, the Mawson Trail traverses forest and farmland before delving into the outback on an epic, diverse…

Cradle Mountain To Strahan

Bike Tracks
Distance: 142km Difficulty: Moderate This journey is one of the world’s most impressive medium distance trails, taking in Alpine Forests and breathtaking views of Cradle Mountain and Mount Pelion. The beginning of…

Tasmanian Trail

Bike Tracks
Distance: 480kms  Difficulty: Moderate The Tasmanian Trail is among some of Tasmania’s best long distance tracks and takes you through the heart of Island from Devonport in the north to Dover. Back-country…

Mount Wellington

Bike Tracks
Distance: Variable Difficulty: Hard If it’s incline you want, make your way to Mount Wellington. There is a fantastic mix of MTB and road biking to be had with MTBers free to…

Blue Derby Network

Bike Tracks
Distance: 125km Tassie is often celebrated for its abundant and beautiful hiking routes, but it doesn’t receive nearly as much credit for its cycling offering. Blue Derby is a network of trails…