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From the ocean to the outback,
whatever you’re into,
we’ve got you covered!

Byron Bay Healthy Co. creates a range of healthy, pure and natural products including magnesium and Himalayan mineral salt based products, infused with essential oils to enjoy, soothe and destress minds, bodies and souls.

Our Journey

Sometimes a traumatic event can be a blessing in disguise. This was the case for me when I sustained significant spinal injuries while snowboarding.

I was advised to try a few different magnesium products in order to relax my muscles and prevent cramps, which can be quite debilitating.

The magnesium helped immensely in the healing process, so I decided to start researching different types of magnesium and mineral salts, and the proven benefits they provide. It became quite clear that there were multiple advantages to using these essential minerals, and I developed a passion to share my knowledge with everyone. From this desire came the decision to make my own bath salts and magnesium products, and that’s how the Byron Bay Healthy Company was born in 2010.

Brad Sarson – Alchemy Enthusiast

magnesium and Himalayan mineral salt based products Australia
magnesium and Himalayan mineral salt based products Australia

Our Philosophy

Inspired to Achieve More

From iconic Byron Bay, the wellness capital of Australia, what we do is inspired by the exhilarating natural beauty, and the spirit of the adventurous tribe of people who call it home.

Fuelled by Passion

We want to share our awareness and knowledge with everyone, so that they too can benefit from the incredible advantages of NATURAL Mineral salts. They are great for your body, mind, and soul – just the way nature intended.

The Way Nature Intended

The purest crystals, resembling uncut diamonds, are harvested deep within the Himalayan mountains. Crystal Mineral Salts are formed naturally by mother nature from immense pressure over time, even millions of years to create a crystalline structure. This is a unique salt, a “full spectrum mineral salt’ in a perfect ionic form to be directly absorbed by your body’s cells.

Environmentally Minded

Our products are all natural, safe and represent the purest grade of minerals on the market. They are vegan friendly, pH tested, but not on animals. All packaging is thoughtfully designed from recycled materials and are biodegradable and recyclable.