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Byron Bay Healthy Co. is so excited to bring our tribe of outdoor adventurers a body wash especially designed to be great for your skin and kind to the environment. Ocean to Outback honours our clan, who spend their time in the wilds exploring our great outdoors.

As one of the clan and an alchemy enthusiast, our CEO Brad Sarsen, wanted to find the perfect, eco-friendly body wash. There was nothing he felt comfortable using when he took off exploring from the ocean to the outback.

He and his brother brainstormed ideas around a campfire and Brad set to work concocting this magical potion. Lathering well in all water conditions, hard, salt or fresh water, Ocean to Outback doesn’t contain chemicals, is good for your skin and won’t damage the waterways or surrounds.

O2O is the perfect addition to the Byron Bay Healthy Co. range of wellbeing products. It goes out into the wilds with you, along with magnesium oils and our rich magnesium moisturising cream. This trio will help you keep pushing your body hard, doing the extraordinary things you do, and make sure you bounce back well between rounds.

Back home, you might want to prolong the effects of your exploits, so why not bring the gorgeous scent of the rainforest into your shower with O2O. We also recommend our bath soaks dosed with essential oils, magnesium and Himalayan crystal salt for the ultimate recharge recovery prescription.

There’s nothing like the buzzy feeling you have after a great natural adventure, and we can’t think of a better way to cap off your escapades than with a bit of indulgent pampering.

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